About Us

Sewset is an ever growing on-line sewing directory, aimed at bringing all of the fabulous sewing tutorials and patterns out there into one site. With the sewing community expanding daily, and the lists of tutorial and pattern makers growing with it, it is our goal to create one place where fellow sewists can find them all. A place where members can upload their own patterns and tutorials, browse and search others, save what they love, and sew what they find. See. Save. Sew.

As a user-driven directory, it will be open to all sewists who want to be a part of the thriving on-line sewing community. We want to share sewing creativity and know-how with everyone, benefiting both the user who can find exactly what they are looking for, and the designer who is being given the opportunity for a wider audience.

No longer do you have to browse the internet trying to find the right sewing pattern, looking through pages and pages of pattern lists. No longer do you have to try to recall what blog you saw a certain tutorial at, or search through your bookmarks and social pages trying to remember where you kept it. It is our goal at Sewset to be your one stop sewing bookmark. With an integral search engine to find anything and everything you are looking for, all at the touch of a button.

Bringing back the art of at home sewing, one pattern and tutorial at a time. See. Save. Sew.

The Story of Sewset

After being in the world of sewing and DIY blogs, I started to recognize a trend with me and my fellow sewists / designers. Many of us seemed to share the dream of someday creating our own patterns to sell. But in a world with so many emerging pattern designers, how would the regular at home sewer find them all? That is when Sewset started to take shape in my mind. What if there was one place that operated as a directory for all of these patterns? What if at the click of a button, you could search for any pattern you are looking for, and be able to return a list of options to choose from?

We have all been to the local fabric store, and browsed through the pages and pages of the big pattern books. Why wasn’t there something like this at home, that contained all of the designers in one place? And what about all of the lesser known designers, what about my friends that are starting to sell their own patterns?

I briefly mentioned this to my husband one night, that I had an idea to create something. Something that would fill a void out there in blogland, and I am blessed enough to be able to say that he wanted to be involved. With a lovely engineer who lent her technical talents to our startup team, and the background in entrepreneurship that my husband has, we were able to get Sewset off the ground.

Of course, as most things, the idea has since grown and expanded...

As I was trying to sew something one day, I remembered something I had seen on a blog and wanted to reference to it. But trying to remember where I had originally seen it was proving difficult. And that is when it hit me, Sewset shouldn’t be limited to simply patterns. With the increasing amount of sewing blogs and tutorials out there, they should be a part of the on-line directory as well!

By including tutorials as well as patterns, we’ve really made it a complete directory. With the ability to search for free or paid patterns and tutorials by categories, size, description, designer and key words - there is no more need to hassle with trying to find exactly what you are looking for. See something you like, but not what you need? Simply favorite it to save it for later!

And that is really how we began.

By solving a simple problem for myself in my own daily sewing life, I knew Sewset had the opportunity to help so many others.

And as we grow, it is our hope to continue to bring about opportunities within Sewset that will truly turn it into an incredible on-line sewing community. Member profiles, search functions and top daily features are just the beginning, I can’t wait to see just how far we can take Sewset.

It is time for something like this in the sewing world. The top 3 have had their fun, now its our turn.

See. Save. Sew.

How you can help

Sewset is a user driven directory. It is only by your help that we can make this into the best on-line sewing directory out there. The best ways you can help are to:

  • Become a member
  • Upload your own tutorials and/or patterns
  • Promote Sewset on your own website, blog, or other social media

Have an idea to make Sewset even better? We would love to hear it! e-mail us at: sewset@gmail.com